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We’re a Melbourne based start-up born from plant lovers in the depth of our long Victorian lockdown. Like many of us, we noticed changes in our community caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As physical stores became a challenge to keep open, many brick and mortar plant sellers found the shift to the digital world to be a challenge.


Enter Wylde! We make it easy for anyone selling houseplants, pots and plant accessories to create an online presence for themselves in the Wylde marketplace. Just download the app, create an account and start snapping pictures!


You don’t have to be plant shop to sell - maybe your Monstera has grown too large for your lounge? Or you’re sick of that fussy Calathea? On the other side, Wylde makes it easy for people looking to fill that plant-shaped hole with (even more) plants! We for one love being spoilt for choice.


Explore listings within a radius of your location, or search Australia wide and receive some exciting plant mail. Unlike other plant shopping avenues like Facebook marketplace, we offer buyer and seller protection, in-app transactions powered by Stripe and customer service through our website, email and Instagram page.


So come and join our evergreen and ever-growing community today!

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