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First of all, welcome to the community! We're excited you've found us.


Wylde is a community-driven marketplace app solely for the purpose of sharing leafy goodness around Australia. We're continuously upgrading and updating the app, so stay tuned for more features.


Wylde isn't just for professional or independent houseplant sellers - anyone can do it! If you're sick of the Fiddleleaf in your bedroom or not digging the neon of your Neon pothos, you can chuck that up too!


Now on to the good stuff.


It is completely free to create a store, and you can post unlimited listings for free. As part of our Beta launch promotion, Wylde takes 1% commission on successful sales, and that's it. Our payments provider (Stripe) takes 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction.


To get started selling on Wylde:


1. Download the app (that's an easy one).


2. Create your account with your specifications - do you like pick up only, or can you open to posting? Is it free or for a fee?


3. Create your Payments Profile with Stripe under 'Payments' so you can receive your cash.


4. Snap some pics and post some listings! 


You can share your store or individual listings with the hotlink button within the app, or people can search for your store directly.


Making a sale:


1. Arrange the delivery of your item (post, delivery or pick up) with your customer. 


2. Once the order has been delivered, dropped off or picked up, make sure you set the order status of your item to 'Order Delivered', and you will be paid out into your chosen bank account in 2-4 business days. Make sure this is done, as without it the app won't know to pay you!




Wylde offers buyer AND seller protection, but only if the transaction if done through the app. If you advertise cash transactions or alternative payment solutions (like direct bank transfer), you may be issued a warning or removed from the app. 


If you are having any trouble with a buyer or have questions about the app, you can always message us through the website (here!) or at

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